Why is COVID-19 Coronavirus So Difficult To Contain?

COVID-19 is a form of coronavirus that was first discovered in November 2019. This strand of coronavirus causes respiratory tract infections in humans and can be fatal for many if not identified and treated immediately. COVID-19 has proved to be difficult to contain with many countries having to go into full lockdown.

In this article we will be looking at some of the reasons why health experts have been finding it difficult to eliminate this virus. As of right now there is still very little we know about this virus but here are some explanations of why COVID-19 has not been contained in many countries.

  1. Incubation Period

This is the time between when a patient is first infected with the virus and when they first show symptoms. For COVID-19 the incubation period identified by CDC is 2-14 days however there are reports of cases that have exceeded this. As the infected individual is not aware that they have become infected they will continue to do their day-to-day activities such as going to office, meeting friends, visiting public places, etc. This will lead to many more getting infected and spread the disease in the same way.

  1. Contagious

COVID-19 is very contagious and there are several instances of how it can be spread. The virus is transmitted through droplets that are produced when an infected person breathes, coughs or sneezes.

If you are standing within 1 meter of someone who has COVID-19 you can be infected by breathing in droplets that they have exhaled. This is prevalent in public places such as concerts halls, public transportation or conferences where everyone is closely packed together.

Once the infected person breathes out, the droplets will gradually fall and settle on surrounding surfaces. The virus can survive on these surfaces for several hours. For this to spread, someone would have had to touch the contaminated surface and then touched their mouth, nose or eyes for it to be able to enter our body.

  1. No cure or vaccine

As of 1st May there is no proven cure or vaccine. This means that patients who are infected will continue to be sick and infect everyone they are in contact with. People who are not sick will be vulnerable to being infected with the virus. The patients that have recovered will may also been at risk to get infected again, there has been some reports of recovered patients getting coronavirus for the 2nd time.

  1. Common cold symptoms

The symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness and dry cough. As these are the same symptoms of a common cold it is difficult to distinguish the two. This makes it difficult for the subject to know if they are infected and need to take precautions such as social distancing. Many people who become infected will assume they have the common cold and continue with their day to day activities thereby infecting many more.

  1. Test Kit Availability

With the increase in COVID-19 test kits available and with health professionals promoting awareness regarding this danger is now minimised. Anyone who shows symptoms of fever, tiredness or dry cough are urged to self-isolate for 14 days and if symptoms persist, they can now get tested for COVID-19. This was not the case during the first 3 months of this outbreak where test kits did not exist or were not readily available.

This post was last updated on 1st May 2020 and may not reflect advances since.

8 thoughts on “Why is COVID-19 Coronavirus So Difficult To Contain?”

  1. I am no scientist. But, the scientist who identified HIV in the 1980s (no dummy) is convinced Covid 19 is manmade. He does not speculate on whether it escaped from a lab by accident or was released. But he claims it is impossible for it to have developed naturally. However, he states that if it is manmade that is good news because it will be more fragile than a naturally occurring virus. Thoughts, anyone?

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      1. The scientist who identified HIV did not claim that Covid-19 was a bio-weapon or that it had been deliberately released. In fact, he thought it was probably the result of a legitimate and even benevolent experiment that was released accidentally.
        I am pro-science but unfortunately so many scientists have been bought and politicised that it is difficult to believe anything that comes out of the gov’t funded and controlled labs and think tanks. (Look at the tenure-whores who promote the Climate Change nonsense.)
        The press briefings and media are awash in mis and dis-info. And, the so-called experts have been so spectacularly wrong with their projections and analysis of Covod-19’s lethality and behaviour that we will have to wait for unbiased analysis of what actually has gone on in the panic-demic.

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  2. It’s such a weird kind of virus, surviving in every climate. I really hope the vaccine comes out soon. Life is going to be so difficult till then.

    It seems we would be spending at least 4-5 years of our lives dreading about this virus. 😦

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller.

    Do check out my blog. There are some travel and lifestyle content which you may like. We try to come up with new and interesting topics frequently. Do follow if you like it. Have a great day.

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  3. Acesurosallo123164 the mere facts the virus came out accross the world. I personally challenged myself to looked after the remedy against this virus. Eventually, one thing i can shared was to boost the immune system to fight against this plaque.

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    1. Has anyone investigated the possibility that TB is either contributing to Covid’s lethality or being misidentified as Covid? It is known that many if not most non-White immigrants into the West have TB.
      We are told that the higher rate of Covid infection and death in minority communities is because they work in hospitals and care homes. But could these people be suffering due to their TB and also unwittingly spreading TB in the general population? Political correctness makes it very difficult for any journalist or politician to tackle this question.

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  4. Yes i am also wondering if TB was one on these mislead covid. However if so, still we will be able to be aware of these. Keep ourselves boost our immune system to fight against this plaques.


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