How To Get Free Cash (CASHBACK) While Shopping | Rakuten | Guide | Promo


Rakuten.com is a well-known marketing business that is paid by companies to direct customers to their website. Rakuten supports many shops including: Bed Bath & Beyond, Samsung, Forever 21, Best Buy, Macys, Old Navy, Gap, etc. Rakuten makes their money when customers go through their website to get to other stores. To encourage customers to do this Rakuten shares the commission they make with the customers in the form of a cashback.

This guide will quickly explain the steps of how to first receive the $20 referral credit and also instructions on how to successfully receive cashback on Rakuten.


1. Click this link: www.rakuten.com ($20 cashback available on signup, will be credited to account once you spend $20 using a Rakuten cashback link.)
2. Create your account
3. Search for a store such as Samsung and select it (currently offering 3% cashback on mobiles)
4. Click Shop Now
5. You will now be directed to your desired shopping website.
6. Place your order directly with the desired store, once your order has been processed within 48 hours you should see the cashback amount + your $20 referral bonus in your Rakuten account.
7. Provide Rakuten with your desired your payment method e.g. PayPal, check and payment will be sent to you within 2-3 months.


If you use the sign up link provided above you will receive $20 cashback if you spend $20 using Rakuten cashback links.

Then say you search for Samsung on Rakuten and go through the link and purchase a mobile phone for $800, 3% cashback would pay out $24.

That’s a total of $44 of free money you would have received.

Note: Earlier this month Samsung offered 15% cashback through Rakuten on all mobile phone purchases, If you had purchased a mobile for $1,000 you would have received cashback of $150, making the effective cost of the phone $850!

Sign up now so you don’t miss out on incredible deals such as this one!

2 thoughts on “How To Get Free Cash (CASHBACK) While Shopping | Rakuten | Guide | Promo”

  1. I love Rakuten, among others. My favorite trick, though, is to use multiple cashback programs for a single purchase to maximise savings.


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