Creating Expanding Dropdown Lists | Excel | Tutorial

A drop-down list also referred to as a pull-down menu, is a user-friendly method of displaying a large list of choices. It ensures consistency when entering large quantities of data. Continue reading “Creating Expanding Dropdown Lists | Excel | Tutorial”


Learning The Basics of VLOOKUP | Excel | Tutorial

VLOOKUP is a function within excel which can look at a value in one column and find the matching value in another column. A VLOOKUP is incredibly useful when working with several tables that have some common data but is incomplete without data from another table.

Continue reading “Learning The Basics of VLOOKUP | Excel | Tutorial”


How To Create a Basic Pivot Table? | Excel | Tutorial

A pivot table is an excel built-in tool which allows you to sort and summarise complex data. This table typically consists of rows, columns, and fields. Continue reading “How To Create a Basic Pivot Table? | Excel | Tutorial”