The Correct Format To Write a Letter | US | UK | Tutorial

Being able to write a letter is a essential skill which you will need to use in everyday life whether it is in school, office or personal life. In this guide I will explain what each of the seven sections of a letter are for and how to fill them in.

Guide (See letter template below)

1. Senders Name and Address

This section will contain the senders Name and full address and this goes right at the top left (US) or top right (UK). Senders address can also be provided at the bottom of the letter below the senders name and/or designation.

2. Date

The date will go below the senders address, for US on the left below the senders address and for UK on the right below the senders address.

3. Recipients Name and Address

This section will contain the recipients name and full address and this this goes on the left side for both UK and USA (below the date for USA).

4. Salutation

This section will address the person who the letter is intended for. There are several ways to start this such as Dear Mr. Reid, Dear Tom Reid or Dear Tom. If you do not know whom the recipient will be you can start as Dear Sir or Madam, To Whom It May Concern, Dear Hiring Manager, etc.

5. Body

The body of the letter will contain the main purpose of the letter and can be as long as required.

6. Complimentary close

Here we can close the letter with Kind Regards, Sincerely, Yours Faithfully, Yours Sincerely, Best Regards, etc. This should be selected depending on how well you know the person.

7. Signature

This is where you can sign the letter if you wish, if a signature is not required you can print your name here. If you have signed your name a print of your name should be provided below along with your designation (if available) and address if you have not already provided it at the top of the letter.

Letter Template

Note: For UK variant align section 1 & 2 to the right


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