Your Mechanic – The Service They Provide | Review | Rating

In this review we will look at Your Mechanic’s pricing for the service provided, timeline of events from booking to work completion, quality of the work completed, recommendations and a review of the overall service. At the end of the review you will also be provided with a link to receive $10 discount off your first repair.

 Booking Details

I booked an appointment with yourmechanic.com for the 19th October at 10am The repair to be completed was for the front and rear brake pads and Rotor to be replaced and the quote came to a total of $700 incl tax ($300 labour $300 parts). My local garage had quoted me $950 for the same service which is around 25% more.


15th October: Appointment booked

18th October: Received reminder email that appointment is tomorrow

20th October: At 6am received email that appointment is cancelled with link to schedule a new appointment with no explanation provided for the cancellation.

20th October: Emailed to complain to customer service on email provided – No Response

21st October: Emailed to complain to customer service on email provided – No Response

24th October: Emailed to complain to customer service on email provided – No Response

24th October: Rescheduled the appointment to 25th October at 4pm

25th October: Booking cancelled at 3pm due to parts not being available.

25th October: Rescheduled appointment to 27th October 10am. This time mechanic assured me he will have the parts ready for 27th.

27th October: At 9am received a text from mechanic claiming that first appointment was delayed and that he would now arrive at 12pm if it was fine for me. I agreed and he arrived as promised with the parts.


Once he arrived he explained the process to me and informed me that the job would be completed in 2.5 hours so went back home and came back a couple of times to check on the progress. He was very friendly and assured me that he would get the work completed on time. Once he had completed changing the pads he carried out a 50 point inspection on the car. Following this he told me that the car was ready and asked me to take it for a test drive. I  tested out the and confirmed it was running smoothly. Following this I signed work completion paperwork on his tablet. I then received an email with my invoice and 50 point inspection report which confirmed no other issues need to be addressed.


Overall I was happy with the quality of the work carried out and the simplicity of being able to book the repair online. Once you provide the car details such as the VIN number online they have enough information about my car to be able to bring the required parts for the job. I also appreciated the convenience of the work being done outside my home and with the price being very reasonable made it very attractive.

However the fact that it took three appointments to get the job done is very disappointing especially when they are cancelled hours before the appointment time with no compensation provided. If the logistics to get the work completed as per schedule is improved then this would make it an excellent service. The customer service also needs to improve, as to date I have not received an response or apology.

I have seen many other reviews online of people that have had their appointments cancelled and this is the prime reason why many customers will not use their service again.  Therefore I recommend that those who wish to book should only use their service if the repairs they require are not urgent as they have not proved to be very reliable at meeting appointment times. If you are on an budget and want to save some money this is very good service provided by ASE certified mechanics and they will get your job done. They will also provide you with a 12 month or 12,000 miles warranty whichever comes first they demonstrations they have faith in their workmanship.


Timeliness: 2/5
Workmanship: 5/5
Customer Service: 2/5
Mechanic Knowledge: 5/5
Price: 5/5

Overall: 8/10

Claim Discount

Visit www.yourmechanic.com ($10 discount available on first repair or service if you click and register through this referral link. Once registered and logged in click on Give $10 get $10 button at the top of the page. You will then be able to see the coupon code available under the status. Copy that code and apply it once you have created your quote, you should now be able to see the discounted rate.

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